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Nassau Swimming Pigs Tours

Want to swim with the pigs but don’t want a 4-hour boat ride to get there?  This tour is the answer.

The swimming pigs at Athol Island is only 25 minutes outside of Paradise Island, which leaves lots of time to ad on some snorkeling and sightseeing.  Athol Island is home to a colony of protected wildlife including Peacocks, Iguanas and of course, the world-famous swimming pigs.  Dive into the ultimate tropical adventure with the Nassau Swimming Pigs Tours.

Whether you are an animal lover or simply seeking a unique adventure, our swimming pigs tours is perfect for all ages and is sure to delight.

Tour Description – Swimming with the Pigs


Water Sports


Food & Beverages


- Total Package

Package includes boat ride from starting point of the Ferry Terminal on Paradise Island and back.

NB Please redeem coupon with tour director or boat Captain.

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