When pigs swim and Bahama tourists dive in with them

Let’s Go!

Adorable. Incredible. Original.

These three words and many more describe the famous swimming pigs, a growing, international sensation in The Bahamas.

 If your next vacation includes a trip to The Bahamas, and you are looking for something fun and unique to do during your trip, plan a day excursion to go swim with pigs on their little private island.  Visiting pig beach is a once in a lifetime experience, and you know you want to snap a selfie with one of those cute critters.  Now, get planning, grab your sunscreen, and scratch this one from your bucket list.

The image most of us conjure up when we hear the word “pig” usually involves a swine wallowing in gallons of mud. However, in the tropical paradise of The Bahamas, pigs have a different approach to life.

Here, feral pigs roam free on some of our sugar-sand beaches with their sparkling waters and enjoy an endless stream of fans coming to visit. They’re far from snobbish, though: These pigs are friendly, extroverted creatures who happily swim and pose for photos with their human admirers.

In The Bahamas, which have long boasted sparkling beaches and turquoise waters, the hottest attraction now has snouts, hoofs, and willingness to hang out with humans. www.nassauswimmingpigstours.com




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